Happier World’s Circle Meet-up 21 January

“The immediate connection between people....pure magic!”

When kindred spirits come together, little is needed for generative conversations. We learnt that at Happier World’s first circle meet-up, where twenty two people from different walks of life became a community in just an afternoon.

We sat in silence for the first 30 minutes. While each person experienced something different within, together we created and held an intimate space for connection. A reading of Joshua Gorman’s account of the positive changes happening in the world filled us with a sense of hope. At a time when mainstream media was grabbing everyone’s attention with negativity, it was heart-warming to be reminded that there was a more positive narrative in every aspect of life. As happiness change-makers, we were part of this new story, and we were not alone in our efforts to build a kinder and more conscious world.

After the break we moved to our ‘reciprocity ring’ experience. Each person stated one to two things they would like support with and almost all requests were met by people in the room! One person said that she wanted to write a book but wasn’t sure if she could. Someone else’s sister had just published a book on how to write a book! Another person was taking a course in creative writing nearby. And a few of us were writing or had written books. Just like that we marvelled at the abundant and wondrous chance connections in the room. We had woollen threads going from each requestor to all the responders - before long it was difficult for some to hold on to all their threads!

january meetup happier world circle 

Everyone was bursting with energy as they exchanged contacts and formed small-group discussions following the reciprocity ring experience. It was hard to believe that we had been strangers just over two hours before. A little kindness and generosity had brought us together and for many if not all, seeds of opportunities were being sown. I would like to think that as we left with a smile in our heart, we were making the world around us a little happier too.

happier world circle meetup



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