3 Lessons in Happy, Conscious Living

Our event organiser, Chi Phan, went along to work on an organic farm last month for a change from her hectic life in central London.Looking after our planet is at the heart of a happier world so we want to share with you three lessons she learnt from her experience:

For a city girl with little experience in the countryside, to volunteer on an organic farm is a novel adventure. But when I woke up one day with the vision of doing just that, I knew that it was meant to be. And what an inspiring experience it was! Conscious living really does not have to be a far-fetched notion, it can start any time with a closer look at the choices we make every day.

Lesson 1: Trust and open your heart – lesson from Lucky the dog


Soon after my arrival a member of the farm quietly introduced himself by snuggling up between my legs - rather intimate, I thought! I was never a pet person really but my heart was melted as soon as the initial surprise had passed. Most dogs I encountered greeted me with suspicion and took a while to accept my presence. Lucky however immediately assumed I was a friend.

As a rescued dog, he came to the farm wary of human interaction. Once experienced love and care from people on the farm, he however assumed goodness in everyone he saw. Not everyone returned the love, but Lucky treated every new person with the same hope for friendship. How happier life would be if we could look at strangers with such an open heart!

Lesson 2: The soil is not lifeless, if you choose to see beyond the cold dust


When I sowed tiny little seeds or delicate seedlings, I could hardly believe that the rough, rocky soil in my hand could nurture these life forms into big, healthy plants. But it did, time after time. I had never realised how rich the earth was and how much was going on in that world which my eyes could not see.

Eddy, my host, asked if I consciously chose organic food back in London. I said that I didn’t because I was not concerned about consuming chemicals which would get into me through other ways anyway. Neither did I ever attach importance to my own longevity. But I decided that I would start going organic for the soil. The use of chemicals overtime creates a bacterial imbalance that would eventually render the soil lifeless. On a large scale, that would be a travesty. Who are we to take away this life-giving power of mother Earth which has nurtured billions of life forms over billions of years?

Lesson 3: Live as you believe and create a good life on your own terms


Eddy and Caroline started farming organically over 20 years ago, initially on land owned by Caroline’s father, who was adamant about organic farming himself. To make a living from growing organic vegetables couldn’t have been a commercially attractive proposal back in the days. But with Eddy and Caroline, it was always about the principle rather than the profit. And they made it work. Eddy shared that while they couldn’t go away on holidays like other people, they had truly enjoyed their journey of building this 30-acre farm. “We sent our three children to university without needing any loans. Any life that allows us to do that must be a good life.” I was truly touched by that beautiful way of seeing the purpose of one’s work. Where I came from, people talked about not being paid enough not because their needs and wants were not met, but simply because they thought they could get more money elsewhere…

Caroline could make more money selling her products to elite consumers at much higher margins but she chose to stay with regular food markets where “ordinary” people shopped. It was a conscious choice, out of the belief that “everyone should be able to afford organic food”.

What touched me the most was the couple’s incredible kindness to everyone. Their generosity was born less out of an abundance of wealth and more from an abundance of heart. Witnessing their kindness to myself and others, I was more convinced than ever that no matter what you have or have not, living the life you want is a choice available at any point in time.


Creating a happier world starts with each one of us. And it starts with kindness - to animals, plants, people, every other beings on Earth as well as to ourselves.

True abundance arises in your heart, not your wallet.

Stay true to your values, share what you have, love fearlessly and happiness will come your way day after day, as is the case with my hosts in Ireland.

More about Chi: As a transformational coach, Chi empowers people who feel stifled by mainstream thinking to create success their ways. As a consultant, she helps businesses engage their audience more effectively with clarity of vision and storytelling. Chi brings a unique expressive energy and a passion for authenticity to her work. tlcchoicecoaching.com | tlc-consulting.co.uk

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